Have you seen this lot live yet?

Yes – you know the fun you’ll have. No – you are so missing out.

Have you seen this lot …earth loving, foot-tapping fun
Happiness – Woo Town share it and it’s easy. Go see a gig and come away with a smile and an ear-worm.

Woo Town, live and unplugged in a Yurt in Stroud – why wouldn’t you

Have a look at the gig guide to see where and when they’re playing and go see them live to experience the Woo in you.

I, like so many folks, have seen Woo Town a lot and I never not end up splling a drink because of foot-tapping, smiling and jigging around the place with others – some I’d not met before.
Of course I’m slightly biased else I wouldn’t be writing this, but look at that video and see strangers of all ages coming together and enjoying the happiness that is Woo Town.

Paul, Simon, Emmy and Luke not only bring happiness they share it in abundance – we all need happiness and fun especially after the last few years. This lot make me (and will make you) smile at the thought of a gig let alone being there.

You will want to see The Harcourt Players – they seem very familiar after you’ve seen the Woo Town …so watch out for a show in the gig-guide too.

With a talented bunch playing different instruments, about the only thing that is consistent in their performance is the happines, love and smiles they spread. Now that’s something I’d like to catch more of.

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