Woo-Towns last gig of 2022

The Woos finished off their 2022 season with a blinder of a gig at The Chestnut Inn in Worcester …

“Mad P” (Colin Robinson – manager of The Chestnut Tree Inn) accompanied “On the Road Again” as it lends itself to the trombone that P plays so well. With special guests the Woos played a fantastic gig. They were tight as a band and also individually – a great demonstration of their skills on multiple instruments and the crowd loved it (as ever). The normally busy Chestnut Inn was even more busy as friends and family joined the fun of the Woo Town’s last gig of 2022.

The Woos: Simon, Emmy, Luke and Paul, were accompanied by Kringo Blue, Hannah Othen (Simon’s daughter), Hans-Peter “The Whistler” Wúrmli, and the brilliant Mark Westcott on accordian.
With established favourites like “Dartmoor girl“, etc. and a selection from the latest album “Home At Last” (note the picture of Whittington Tump on the front) it was another foot-tapping, fun-loving evening with lovely people and a new batch of ear-worms I still can’t get out of my head 🙂

The evening was hosted by “Mad P” at The Chestnut Tree Inn where a big part of the Woo-Town family live. By the way – “Mad Pierre” (aka Colin Robinson) is the one being eaten by a turkey.
The staff and locals had a brilliant time (though the staff had a tough evening with so many there) and we all wish the wonderful Woos a great break and look forward to seeing them in 2023 (see the 2023 gig guide for more details) and see some of the fun from 2022.

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