About us

From Worcestershire England.

More about us …

We use a variety of instruments from guitar, banjo, ukuele, banjolele, double bass and harmonica and use harmonies to enrichen our sound. With lead vocals being taken in turn by all four member it gives us a varied sound throughout our fun filled concerts.
We love to be on the road playing to people far and wide and look forward to playing in Switzerland and Germany in the near future.
We have two albums recorded which have been well received and our third is on the way, we are regularly played on BBC radio introducing  and have a great following, our sound is forever changing but we love to drop Woo Town classics into our set that we know will get audiences dancing the night away.

Past tours include …

Holland, We have had two wonderful tours in Holland appearing on Dutch radio and aim to soon make a return.

Scotland three times, each year we play more and more gigs up there, it is always a favourite part of our touring calender and we are gathering a good following Wales. 
Being based in Worcester we often pop over to perform in various places in Wales from Swansea to Cardigan and many more. 

We are happy to play anywhere, we have played Carnforth, Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Somerset – all over the place.

We have supported Dodgy on one of their English tours.
We have performed on numerous festivals in England and Scotland and are booked to play Schaffhausen, Switzerland in August 2021, which was followed by a 10 day Swiss tour.

We also have a love of black and white movies, so set them to our own music as The Harcourt Players.

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