Wootown MishMash

Woo-town blues magnet (collects every little scrap of ‘metal’) – the incredible, the deep-thinker, the narcolectic Howling Fruitcake and friends are here to entertain you.

This is the compare (Mr. John Devenne) summing up the evening of the latest gig at The Chestnut Tree Inn in Worcester where Howling Fruitcake performed some of his greatest-hits.

If you couldn’t come, you missed it, but don’t worry cos you can still support to the Narcoleptic Society of Worces-zzzzzzz-ster.

Helping Howling Fruitcake on stage (and off again afterwards) was …

John Devenne – ??? – ??? – ??? – ??? – ???

We also have a podcast channel so why not listen to some of Howling Fruitcake’s friends talk about their influences. Here’s a little taster as we talk to Garrington T Jones.

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