Home At Last

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Released in time for their Highlands and Islands tour in 2022, Home At Last is another snapshot of the band’s versatility, fun and uplifting lyrical sing-along vibe.
Want a new earworm? Get yourself a copy and pick a track.

Anyone that knows the Woo-Town sound will be left with a bigger smile on their faces as they add their own feel to these cracking songs.
The album is not a departure from our beloved Woo-Town sound, but a development with some surprises like a cover version of Paradise originally by Amen Corner, some aweseome almost indiginous Australian sound, a wonderfully haunting/nostalgic title song “Home at last” and a big-smile producing “Summer fun stuff” which sums up the summer of 2022.

Here is the album cover and some samples of the tracks on the album that is a must for fans old and new. If you want your copy, get them at a gig near you or get in touch.

  • Cover to Home at last
Macon Drugs
Sunshine summer stuff
Good morning, Mr.Stag
Home at last
Banshee (I had to put this one in as it shows how the song develops brilliantly)
Drifting towards the blues
Paradise (a great cover of the song originally by Amen Corner with the brilliant Andy Fairweather-Low)
Mud over money
Letting go
Maria’s wood

…soon to be available on platforms like Bandcamp

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