…and they’re off! Woo Town tour

The Woo-Towners hit the road and have started their Highlands and Islands tour …and waving Woo goodbye for a while.

Trundling up the road in the Woo-Wagon, Luke shares excitement about the tour, and waves a copy of their latest (brilliant) album “Home at last” with a picture of Whittington Tump on the front.

(Whittington Tump is an ancient monument in a setting just off the M5 motorway that let’s Woo-Towner’s know that they are, indeed, home. There is evidence of prehistoric activity in the area but it is known to be an Anglo-Saxon mound).

They are on the Wooed again – approaching Skye “Good morning Mr. Skye” as this happy bunch start their 2022 tour of bonny Scotland.
Looking at the gig-guide they will not be in Scotland for a long time, but they always love the people, scenery and “the crack” of bringing their miles of smiles and foot-tapping fun to an audience.

They’re on the road again – heading for their 2022 Highlands and Islands tour waving “Home at last” around like it’s their latest album or something

Next sighting of the Woos was at on the banks of the gorgeous Lock Lomond as they settle down for the night in a stunningly beautiful landscape before the work begins – if you count work as bringing love and fun of Woo-Town music (Woosic) to eager audiences.

The Woos find a place to chill on the banks of Lock Lomond

A drive of around 350 miles they deserve a rest and what a place to chill for the night.

Next stop …Isle of Mull.

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